Blowing in the Wind

Blowing in the Wind
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During his four carefree years in high school, Rail McClain majored in sports and minored in grades. Now, eighteen years old Rail is leaving the comfort and protection of home to venture into the world of college. Of course, Master McClain has no idea what he wants to do with his future, only what his society-conscious mother has designed for him. To say he is like most other American boys his age is like saying lemons and watermelons taste the same.

Rail is happy and fun loving. Some think of him as lazy. However, in his defense, his caring grandfather often chuckles as he remarks, ‘Rail’s just blowing in the wind.'

Nevertheless, he's on his way, and he's on his own.

It only takes him one year at Marquette University in Wisconsin, to end his mother’s dream of his becoming a leading dentist. However, even though Rail flunks out of college, he is not discouraged. As a handsome young man, he figures he's Hollywood material. To his parent’s dismay, Rail announces he has decided that he wants to be an actor. As they see little hope of his completing four years of regular college, they allow him to attend a drama college in Hollywood, California.

Once there Rail finds things are quite different than he had envisioned. His belief was that studying acting was going to be all fun and games, but he’s soon disillusioned. However, to his surprise, he likes the challenge, his new friends, and the long hours of studying and rehearsals.

Over the next nine months, he begins to receive a very juicy taste of life, both on and off the stage. Then it all comes crashing down as he has a confrontation with the president and founder of the school. Rail is expelled and denied the opportunity to return to the school the following year. Disappointed, but undaunted, he returns to Hollywood the next year and enrolls in a small junior college.

D.B. Silvis

About D.B. Silvis (Naples, Florida Author)

D.B. Silvis

D.B Silvis is from Muskegon, Michigan, and lives in Naples, Florida. As a graduate of the renowned Pasadena Playhouse Drama College and Florida Atlantic University, and a former member of the Screen Actors Guild, he has worked on stage, television and in films as an actor. He has written six novels, one children’s book and three screenplays.

Five of his six books have a one minute video on his website site and on YouTube at: 1. Star Blue Soldier---An alien science fiction.
2. Puzzle of Death---A detective crime thriller.
3. Blowing in the Wind ---A college student, coming of age comedy.
4. Cop on the Hook---A Mafia crime thriller.
5. Polly, Stubby & Al---A family pets illustrated children's book, ages: 5-10.
6. Spawn of Evil---Adult fiction thriller-Nazi serial killers. Age:18+
7. Stilettoed--- Sequel to Puzzle of Death.
8. Gracie---A children’s story about a greyhound.

Now a retired actor and businessman, he continues writing.