BIG Birds in The Villages, Florida – A Villager's Guide

BIG Birds in The Villages, Florida
44 Pages
Paul Garneau Clark
ISBN 978-1725025660

The Field Guide to Big Birds in The Villages, Florida helps the user to easily identify 34 local birds by providing a photograph and description of each bird listed.

Every photograph was taken in The Villages, Florida; thus, the birds shown are, or have been, in the Villages.

The focus is on larger birds, but, unfortunately is not totally inclusive as some may have been missed. Updated guides will include new birds and, when captured, better images.

The guide is partitioned into three sections to help with identification: Swimming – Birds generally seen on the water Wading – Birds normally found in the shallows or near the shore Soaring – Birds we see in the air or perched in trees (towers/poles/etc.)

Each section is then sorted by size; from the smallest bird to largest.

Paul Garneau Clark

About Paul Garneau Clark (The Villages, Florida Author)

Paul Garneau Clark

Paul Clark was born at Fort Jackson, South Carolina in 1943, and grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, mostly in Oak Park. He received a BS degree from Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin.

After college, he married Gretchen Muehlberg and proceeded to serve four years in the United States Marine Corps. Leaving the Corps as a Captain after one tour in Vietnam.

They moved to Minnesota where Paul started a career at 3M Company. During his 32 years with the company, he held a variety of positions in product marketing and business management.

Gretchen and Paul have two sons, nine grandchildren and are now retired splitting their time between Scandia, Minnesota and The Villages, Florida. In addition to several volunteer activities, Paul enjoys writing, gardening, genealogy/family history, photography and travel.