Beyond Second Chances

Beyond Second Chances
299 Pages
ISBN 9781537686349

When Peter is kidnapped, Lindsay is faced with a difficult choice: travel to a poverty-stricken, terrorist-filled Arab country to save him, or leave his survival to chance.

So begins the action in Beyond Second Chances, the exciting sequel to Second Chances.

Lindsay Talbot makes her choice - and pays the price. However, as Lindsay recuperates from a violent assault much closer to home, she is confronted with a devastating betrayal, and an uncertain future.

Rita M Boehm

About Rita M Boehm (The Villages, Florida Author)

Rita M Boehm

Rita M. Boehm was born and raised in New York on the south shore of eastern Long Island and became a voracious reader at a young age. After too many years facing a daily, mind-numbing commute on the Long Island Expressway, a career move provided an opportunity for Rita and her husband to live in Colorado and explore the Rocky Mountain west. With another career move in 2000, she traded sunny skies and mountain vistas for suburban Maryland, just a few miles from one of her favorite places, Washington D.C. Retirement in 2014 allowed Rita the opportunity to reawaken the creative muse left slumbering for all too many years of poring over legal documents. She published her first book, Second Chances, a few months later.

In 2016 Rita moved from Maryland to central Florida with her husband, their lovable orange-tabby cat, and her dressage horse.

Rita is currently President of the Writers League of The Villages, an active writers group that is also responsible for running the highly successful Central Florida Book & Author Expo. Her short story "The Picnic", the basis for Rita's latest novel "Missing on Maple Street", was judged a finalist in the 2017 Royal Palms Literary Award Contest sponsored by the Florida Writers Association.

Her latest book, Bluebirds in the Garden, allowed Rita to combine her love of photography, nature, and writing to create a children's picture book with a simple story about the bluebirds who chose her garden as the place to raise a family.

When she isn't working on her latest novel, or curling up to read a good book, Rita enjoys photography, gardening, and most especially, riding her horse, Kosi.