Beyond Madness

Beyond Madness
201 Pages
Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN 1536977128

Beyond Madness is the long awaited, riveting sequel to Race Against Madness. Bringing beloved character Adam Webber back for more madness, Andi Neal revives the breath-holding, nonstop action that captivated Race Against Madness enthusiasts.

Obsession is its own Madness…

Adam Webber has worked all of his adult life to separate himself from his past. With the charming city of New Orleans as his new home, he finally begins to feel he may have succeeded. Until the unsolved murder investigations start to pile up around him. Learning that he was never really free of any of it, he finds his worst fear coming to life.

Police Officer Zoe Blake thinks life is pretty grand when she stumbles across an attractive doctor with a quiet manner. However, with ambition for advancement driving her forward, she begins to question a suspicious murder that catches her attention. When that murder proves to be connected to Adam, she has to stop and reassess everything she believes to be true.

Having already survived one serial killer, Adam tries desperately to deny the facts falling into place, but it soon becomes obvious that the game he was once forced to play is far from over. Again faced with life or death, he determines to finish it for good. But to do so, he may have to go Beyond Madness.

With her signature style of fast paced action and daring suspense, along with a splash of humor and romance, Andi Neal delivers yet another exhilarating, adrenaline-charged page turner.

Andi Neal

About Andi Neal (Marietta, Georgia Author)

Andi Neal

Andi Neal is an action/adventure thriller author. She currently lives in northern Georgia as an enthusiastic and passionate University of Alabama fan. A fall Saturday will undoubtedly find her parked in front of the TV cheering fervently for the Alabama Crimson Tide.

Her love of reading led to a passion for writing while she was attending college. She enjoys traveling and experiencing new people and places. She has had the amazing opportunity of traveling domestically in the USA, as well as abroad to four countries in Europe, two in South America and several cities in China.

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