Believe in Me

Believe in Me
134 Pages
ISBN 978-1478100881

For the past year, twenty-something radio producer Trina Gray has been focusing on her career and trying to forget that her once idyllic marriage is soon coming to a heartbreaking end. Almost a year ago to the day, Trina caught her husband, Walt, kissing her sister in her mother's kitchen under the mistletoe.

But it's Christmas time again, and Trina feels the familial pressure to return to the nest for the annual holiday celebrations. It's only for a week. Surely she can tolerate being in the same house with her sister for that long. What she doesn't bargain for, though, is that her mother has invited Walt to stay with the family for the holiday season, as well.

Walt's presence sends Trina running to her old friend, Mim's, bed and breakfast, where she runs into her high school boyfriend, Kurt. Trina quickly realizes the attraction is still strong between them, and the temptation to be with him is stronger still, even if he is only looking for a one-night stand. But, as Trina discovers, Walt's not willing to give up without a fight this time.

Will Trina and Kurt rekindle their juvenile romance? Or will she repair her relationship with Walt? Who can she believe in?

Mishael Austin Witty

About Mishael Austin Witty (Louisville, Kentucky Author)

Mishael Austin Witty

She started typing away on her parents' Apple IIe when she was still in elementary school, making up story after story (mostly mysteries) that never saw the light of day... except for one. Her first novel, SHADOWS OF THINGS TO COME, is an adaptation of a story she wrote when she was in middle school.

In college, in a fit of rebellion, she decided to become a psychology major... and then she decided that counseling wasn't for her (she liked researching and writing the papers more than she did anything else), so she went to grad school for experimental psychology. After completing her master's degree, her graduate advisor suggested that she find another line of work because her heart just wasn't in psychology (it was THAT obvious to everyone but our heroine).

Ms. Witty (Miss Austin, at the time) took this as an invitation to work on completing and shopping around a novel (NOT SHADOWS OF THINGS TO COME). It was summarily rejected by every publisher and agent she tried, although some of the comments that came back with it were encouraging. Still, there was no money to be had in unpublished books, so how could she make a living for herself? She finally decided she could publish them herself ... and she did.