Bass Lake Bunch 2 – The Secret of the Lost Lake Cottage

Bass Lake Bunch 2
266 Pages
ISBN 978-0-9998009-0- 4

When Sam Sommers sees a “hobo” camping on the lot next to Grandpa Sommers’ garage, he tells his friends – The Bass Lake Bunch – about him. When Grandpa Sommers overhears the kids talking about "the hobo," he decides to check things out for himself. What he finds takes him back 35 years to Bass Lake’s heyday. The old man turns out to be an old friend of Grandpa Sommers who is searching for his long lost lake cottage. Grandpa Sommers refuses to help the old man because of something that happened a long time ago.

The Bass Lake Bunch take it upon themselves to help the old man locate his missing cottage, in which something very valuable had been stashed. They also try to convince Grandpa Sommers to help the old man. In the process the whole group learns about forgiveness, and at the same time find something that has been missing for 35 years.

Charles R. Ratliff

About Charles R. Ratliff (South Bend, Indiana Author)

Charles R. Ratliff

Charles R. Ratliff is a former award-winning journalist and teacher from Arizona and Indiana. He currently teaches middle school Language Arts at Knox Community Middle School, and has taught in Indiana for 12 years. As a teacher in Arizona, Mr. Ratliff was a 2004 Mohave County Teacher of the Year, and a 2005 Educator of the Year finalist for the Laughlin, Nevada Chamber of Commerce Community Achievement Awards.

Prior to becoming a teacher, Mr. Ratliff worked as a reporter and editor for several Arizona publications, including The Tombstone Epitaph, San Manuel Miner, and The Mohave Valley Daily News. Mr. Ratliff has earned awards in nearly every category of writing.

He currently resides at Bass Lake with his wife Elizabeth, and daughter, Rebecca.

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