Baptisms & Dogs – Stories

Baptisms & Dogs
200 Pages
ISBN 1499705980

2012 Linda Bruckheimer Series in Kentucky Literature Finalist

Baptisms & Dogs: 12 stories ranging from matters of faith to broken homes and everything in-between. Set in the fictional town of Seton, Kentucky, where each character wrestles with the moral dilemma of giving up, this regional Kentucky collection follows characters along unique journeys towards the answers they seek. It is a gritty, wild ride.

Brian L. Tucker

About Brian L. Tucker (Chattanooga, Tennessee Author)

Brian L. Tucker

Brian L. Tucker was born in Monticello, KY. His previous novels, Swimming the Echo and WHEELMAN, were featured on NPR, his story collection, Baptisms & Dogs, was a finalist for the Linda Bruckheimer Literature prize, and one copy currently sits in Washington, D.C.’s historic Marine Barracks – Center House. His most recent effort, Pokeweed, is an illustrated historical novella set for publication through Black Rose Writing. Brian holds an MFA in Creative Writing from the Bluegrass Writers Studio. You can find him online at