Babylon – Center of the World

305 Pages
Migdol Press
ISBN 9781494706722

The historical novel Babylon: Center of the World is the inspirational story of the biblical Daniel. He is able to interpret dreams, visions, and the mysterious handwriting on the wall during the reigns of the Babylonian kings Nebuchadnezzar, Nabonidus, and Belshazzar up to the imminent fall of the ancient city of Babylon to the Persians.

When the army and siege engines of the Persian king Cyrus arrive at the Ishtar Gate under General Ugbaru, as predicted by the Babylonian God Marduk, the Persian God Ahura Mazda, and Yahweh the God of Israel, the trembling citizens of the great city of Babylon wait to see what their end will be. In the midst of this confluence of divine activity, Daniel stays true to the God of his fathers even when he is being thrown into a den of bloodthirsty lions.

B. G. Brainard

About B. G. Brainard (Portland, Oregon Author)

B. G. Brainard

B. G. Brainard’s passion as an historical fiction author is to bring the Hebrew Scriptures to life one book at a time in the Midrashic style of filling in the white spaces of the biblical narrative that God intentionally left blank within the known parameters of the biblical story and historical record through meticulous ancient Near East research and numerous excursions to the Middle East. She lives in Oregon with her husband, three hundred orchids, and a little red barn.

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