Baby Grand

Baby Grand
28 Pages
Self Published
ISBN 9781386876670

With the careless flick of a stray cigarette, Rhianne's life changed forever. Now, she is haunted by the memories of an accidental tragedy, guilt is her daily companion, and she struggles to live with the constant reminders of what she did. ​ Desperate to forget, Rhianne becomes an expert at burying her past. But when her mother attempts to force her to face the consequences of her actions, to help her find forgiveness and redemption, Rhianne resists. Will a mother's love be able to break through the walls Rhianne has built to protect herself? Or will tragedy follow in tragedy's wake?

This is a short story, approximately 6000 words.

Briana Robertson

About Briana Robertson (St. Louis, Missouri Author)

Briana Robertson

Briana Robertson excels at taking the natural darkness of reality and bringing it to life on the page. Heavily influenced by her personal experience with depression, anxiety, and the chronic pain of fibromyalgia, Robertson’s dark fiction delves into the emotional and psychological experiences of characters in whom readers will recognize themselves. Her stories horrify while also tugging at heartstrings, muddying the lines of black and white, and staining the genre in multiple shades of grey.

In 2016, Robertson joined the ranks of Stitched Smile Publications. Her solo anthology, “Reaper,” which explores the concept of death being both inevitable and non-discriminatory, debuted in 2017. She also has stories included in “Unleashing the Voices Within,” by Stitched Smile Publications, “Man Behind the Mask,” by David Owain Hughes, Jonathan Ondrashek, and Veronica Smith, and “Collected Easter Horror Shorts,” “Collected Halloween Horror Shorts,” and "Hundred Word Horrors" by Kevin Kennedy.

She is currently serving as Head of Dark Persuasions, the dark erotic branch of Stitched Smile Publications.

Robertson is the wife of one, mother of four, and unashamed lover of all things feline. She currently resides on the Illinois side of the Mississippi River, with a backyard view of the Saint Louis skyline, and is a member of the Saint Louis Writers Guild.