Asparagus Tips! Cookbook – Recipes From Over 30 Years

Asparagus Tips! Cookbook
180 Pages
ISBN ISBN-10: 153083497X ISBN-13: 978-1530834976 ASIN: B01E47IMD

With over 80 recipes, tips and facts on how to grow and maintain asparagus, and hand-drawn illustrations, this is more than just a cookbook.

Asparagus Tips! has everything you’ll need to become an asparagus aficionado. Janet Brown has put over 30 years-worth of asparagus experience into this book. With historic facts, tips on how to grow asparagus, and about every recipe you can imagine, this cookbook has it all. You’ll never want to eat another vegetable when you have Asparagus Tips!

Asparagus ice cream? Asparagus cookies? Dips and sauces? You’ve got these recipes and more when you delve into the tiny but enormous treasure trove that’s in Asparagus Tips! This book includes methods for growing asparagus, parasite and insect enemies, over 80 recipes, and fun facts. Come explore the amazing world of asparagus!

Janet M Brown

About Janet M Brown (Grand Rapids, Michigan Author)

Janet M Brown

Janet Brown has been a Master Herbalist since 1987 and written over one hundred documents on herbal and natural healing.

An EFT practitioner since 2001, she has a success rate with her clients of over 95%. She teaches EFT classes and workshops, written two books on EFT with more on the way. She has also written over 100 workshops and mini-books since 1987, when she began studying herbs and other natural healing methods.

She has received a B.A. in English Literature from Michigan State University, and herbal training from Michigan State University, and Clayton School of Natural Health. She currently is writing a new book on herbs, a new EFT book, and teaches herb classes. She lives with her family and a dog and a cat in a small town in southwest Michigan. Her hobbies include photography, genealogy research, art of all kinds, and animals. She welcomes input and suggestions from all her readers.