Ascension – Kelahya Unbound

420 Pages
Dragonfly Media
ISBN 1662900384

Kelahya Devona, born in the 680th cycle of the Talderon Era, is a bewitching and formidable warrior, and the most powerful weapon of Kronos Deucarrion, Supreme Commander of the Alliance of Stars.

Kelahya is a Minder, capable of influencing the thoughts of most species in the universe… until now. The nightmare behind her eyes insists that she murdered Kronos, but she refuses to believe that the images of blood and violence are real.

Due to this involuntary fissure, her thoughts are dissociating, which in a Minder’s brain intermingles reality with illusion, and almost always leads to their demise.

The specter of death forces Kelahya to run for her life in search of the truth before her mind disintegrates, and the struggle for power destroys the Alliance of Stars.

In a race against time, the pursuit propels her into a forgotten past and an uncertain future, where danger is reflected in every face, and reality is never what it seems.

V. & D. Povall

About V. & D. Povall (San Diego, California Author)

V. & D. Povall

V. & D. Povall are a husband and wife writing team that has authored and published nonfiction manuals and articles as well as written four short screenplays, six full-length screenplays, several novels, and are currently polishing a science-fiction epic.

The Perils of a Reluctant Psychic is a suspense-mystery series introducing Sarah’s extrasensory abilities and her exceptional talent for unraveling mysteries. Currently published are The Gift of the Twin Houses, Secrets of Innocence, and Jackal in the Mirror.

Under development are An Educated Death, Book One of the Justin Pierce murder mystery series introducing a modern Robin Hood; and Minder’s Labyrinth, Book One of the Chronicles of Kelahya, a suspense thriller set in the 25th Century.

Between them, they possess a doctorate and years of practical experience in film, television, and theater. Thanks to their rich international family backgrounds, they bring to the page a variety of experiences and points of view. They speak several languages and have lived in different cultures.

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