Antiquity's Gate – Strands of Fate

Antiquity's Gate
338 Pages
ISBN 978-1951027063

Corporate orphans—children whose parents are forced to abandon them just to make ends meet—have become commonplace. Twins Eli and Mabel Harper are two such kids, trapped beneath the heel of an establishment that seems content to burn the world’s future in exchange for today’s convenience.

In this world, compliance is key to survival. When Eli loses his temper protecting Mabel, he’s prepared to shoulder the weight of the consequences alone—even if the cost is his death.

If only that was all they wanted from him…

Someone has put a price on the very things that make us human. Someone willing to pay it with the suffering of kids like Eli.

The strands of fate are tightening, the tapestry which binds Earth and Thera slowly coming into focus. Neither time nor space can rend the bonds of destiny.

A destiny that is coming for Eli Harper.

R.F. Hurteau

About R.F. Hurteau (North Hampton, Massachusetts Author)

R.F. Hurteau

New England born, R.F. Hurteau is a simple human. She longs to drink copious amounts of coffee, enjoy the sights and smells of autumn...and turn the world into a bunch of sci-fi loving nerds.

Though it may seem a lofty goal, when one is passionate, one cannot be stopped.

Her love affair with science fiction began early. R.F. binged on Star Trek episodes before binging was a thing, painstakingly rewinding and extracting each home-recorded VHS tape to replace it with the next, always eager for more. Just one more episode...

Sadly, her family rarely shared her rabid affection for the genre. And so, she decided to use her love of writing to bring them into the fold. Antiquity's Gate was born of a desire to craft character-driven science fiction that could be both accessible and enjoyable to anyone.

So far, so good...

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