An Angry Orange Sky – A Gordan Hudde Novel

An Angry Orange Sky
324 Pages
One Flyer Publishing
ISBN 978-0999006610

Gordan Hudde former Army ranger and current CIA covert operative needed time to relax. A beach vacation in Mexico seemed an ideal get away; he never thought he would meet the love of his life there. He never thought that he would find peace and family; he never dreamed all that was possible.

Gordan Hudde also never thought about violent street gangs, cartel run Governments, or the politics within America that allowed the problems south of their border to fester.

But they made Gordan think about these things, they brought him to this point and forced him to make a decision; they can't take it back now.

Mark Hudson

About Mark Hudson (Scottsdale, Arizona Author)

Mark Hudson

Mark Hudson was born in 1963 into the small village of Bloomfield N.Y. nestled between Rochester with its once roaring economic engines of Kodak, Xerox, and Delco and the peaceful hills of New York’s southern tier.

Unhappy with college and the numerous odd jobs while trying to pay his way, Mark joined the Army reserves. He had a love hate relationship with the Army, and going active in 1986 he switched his MOS (military occupational specialty) and received an airborne slot, serving in the 82nd airborne with the now de-activated (Bill Clinton) B company 4/325.

A career ending knee injury on a jump into Panama for JOTC (Jungle Operations Training Center) caused Mark to return to civilian life in 1989 where he began a career in retail investigations (see his book Retail Investigator for some insight.) Mark has written short stories his entire life but is the self-admitted worst speller in the world and until the computer; his life’s writing was 2/3 spent in the dictionary. Living in Arizona, enjoying the weather, his wife and pets, Mark continues to look for news that can be used for his Gordan Hudde series; a hard charging ex-soldier with the ability to ‘fix’ wrongs.