Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace
194 Pages
ISBN ISBN 13: 978-1493663699

A commitment to love everlasting can lead to sacrifice, lies, cover-ups, and pain.

Psychologist, Allyson Freemont, and Detective Ernie Blackwell work to understand why teenager, Sarah Hillock, has decided that death is a better alternative than life.

Sarah's father, Alex Hillock, disappeared nine years ago. Sarah's mother, Grace Hillock, refuses to believe he abandoned his family; she refuses to believe he is deceased. Grace Hillock believes in love everlasting. Friends and family are unsure of what to believe.

Dr. Allyson Freemont unveils the intricacies of a woman with limited mental capacity, a child with a neurological disorder, and a girl who is so overwhelmed by life that death seems like a good alternative. Allyson Freemont begins to untangle a web of love and lies. She begins to understand the reason behind the disappearance of Sarah's father, Alex Hillock.

Valerie Allen

About Valerie Allen (Melbourne, Florida Author)

Valerie Allen

About the Author

Valerie Allen, psychologist and author, writes fiction, nonfiction, short stories, and children's books. Her short stories, writer blogs, and parenting articles have appeared online and in magazines nationwide.

She is a member of both, the National and Florida Association of School Psychologists and conducts seminars for educators, medical, and mental health professionals using her self-help book, "Beyond the Inkblots: Confusion to Harmony."

She supports writers using her book, "Write, Publish, Sell! Quick, Easy, Inexpensive Ideas for the Marketing Challenged," 2nd Ed. She has served on the Board of Directors of the Space Coast Writers’ Guild and as a member of the National League of American Pen Women, Cape Canaveral Branch. She is also co-founder of Authors for Authors where, for more than 12 years, she continues to create and host author events and writer conferences.

She lives in warm and sunny Florida where she has enjoyed raising six children, from whom she has learned many things about life and love.