All an Illusion – The Douglas Files: Book Three

All an Illusion
570 Pages
Beacon Books LLC
ISBN 978-0-9967691-2-9

For most guys, a week in Vegas with a beautiful girl would be a dream. For P.I. Jackson Douglas, it turns into a nightmare.

Attorney Hillary McKenzie is not only the most beautiful woman Jackson has ever met, but also the most infuriating. To make matters worse, she’s his late brother’s fiancée and he owes her. So when she hires him to find a Las Vegas call girl named Arielle Coal—hoping that Arielle will testify on behalf of her client—he swallows his disdain for Hillary and for the task at hand and accompanies her to Sin City.

Locating Arielle proves tricky, and once Jackson finds her, the real trouble begins. He and Hillary become entangled in a web connecting Arielle to a U.S. senator, a local casino owner, and a host of shady characters. What links them all hits a little too close to home, and when the bodies start piling up, Jackson wants out.

Hillary refuses to quit, however, drawing them deeper into the web. From the streets of Las Vegas to the penthouse of a Strip resort to a decommissioned military base next to a small, peculiar town in the desert, Jackson and Hillary pursue the truth. When their chase endangers her life, Jackson is pushed to his physical, mental, and emotional breaking point. Can he pull a rabbit out of his hat, or will his and Hillary’s lives go up in smoke?

All an Illusion is a fast-paced, pulse-pounding adventure that won’t let you go, with excitement and danger ratcheting up at every turn, right until the explosive climax!

Nathan Birr

About Nathan Birr (Sheboygan, Wisconsin Author)

Nathan Birr

Nathan was born in Lincoln, Nebraska in 1982, and although his family moved when he was only two, he still pines for “the Good Life.” He was raised in the small town of Campbellsport, Wisconsin, where his father was (and still is) the pastor of a Christian and Missionary Alliance Church. Nathan’s mother homeschooled him and his sister, and he gives his family great credit for instilling Godly values inside of him. “I wouldn’t be where I am today without their love and prayers.”

After graduating from high school, Nathan attended Crown College in Minnesota, where he met his future wife, Sierra. They were married in 2004 and now live in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

In his free time, Nathan enjoys relaxing with his family, traveling, and snowboarding. He is also an avid college football fan, especially when it comes to his Nebraska Cornhuskers.