Advanced Dowsing with the LIfeWeaving System – Protocols, Techniques and Tips for Healing Yourself and Others

Advanced Dowsing with the LIfeWeaving System
132 Pages
ISBN 978-0990755029

Advanced Dowsing with the LifeWeaving System presents a spiritual healing method using special dowsing charts to identify and quickly clear emotional blockages layered in the body, moving a person into a state of neutrality and wellness.

The book introduces the basics of LifeWeaving theory as well as ~ the metaphysical basis for this clearing work ~ the differences between LifeWeaving dowsing and regular pendulum use clearing and protection ~ LifeWeaving tools ~ basic and advance clearing protocols ~ problems that can arise and their solutions ~ the all-important questions ~ case histories

This clearing method is designed to be used with the LifeWeaving Dowsing Chart Set. Check out its companion book Reference Guide to the LifeWeaving Dowsing Charts.

Carole Conlon

About Carole Conlon (Albuquerque, New Mexico Author)

Carole Conlon

Carole Conlon grew up in Ohio but couldn't stay put. A love of travel led her to many parts of the United States and the world - sometimes visiting, sometimes living - until she finally decided to call New Mexico her home.

Carole has been many things: student, waitress, 'kellnerin' (bar maid) in Germany, graphic artist, medical technologist, belly dancer, licensed acupuncturist, teacher, energy worker, blogger, editor and now writer. Actually always writing. Writing and art have always held a special place in her life.

And Carole also likes dragons!