Activate Leadership – Aspen Truths to Empower Millennial Leaders

Activate Leadership
168 Pages
ISBN 0990539113

In an age when leaders have left our world’s most pressing problems unsolved, Activate Leadership takes a radically new look at the workforce’s growing Millennial generation. What if within the very qualities Millennials are criticized for are seeds for strong leadership ready to be activated?

Activate Leadership draws new wisdom from an ancient source -- aspen groves -- to inspire Millennials to lead on purpose. Author and Thin Difference founder Jon Mertz matches his “Aspen Truths” to four distinct Millennial traits for leadership.

With ample narrative studies and pragmatic yet inspiring leadership practices, Activate Leadership makes the case for Millennials as great leaders and gives clear guidance to further the big strides they’re already making in their workplaces and communities.

The time for new leadership has arrived. Activate Leadership offers an inspired, workable path forward.

Jon Mertz

About Jon Mertz (Dallas, Texas Author)

Jon Mertz

Jon Mertz enjoys starting a robust conversation, interacting with thoughtful people, and offering what he can to engage in meaningful actions on how to lead and live in better ways.

A farmer’s son, a political appointee during his twenties, and a marketing and business development leader over twenty-three years, Jon has worked in large and entrepreneurial companies like Deloitte, IBM, BMC Software, QuickArrow, and Corepoint Health. For three consecutive years, Trust Across America-Trust Around the World named Jon one of the Top 100 Thought Leaders for Trustworthy Business.