A Song of Redemption – Funeral Singer

A Song of Redemption
370 Pages
Pynhavyn Press
ISBN 978-1-942622-17-8

The Battle hits home!

At a loss and depressed following her team’s failure to contain Belphegor, Gillian Foster begins to pull herself together to plan her next moves and build a network of other spirit escorts to help her. The threat of the soul thieves grows daily and thrusts the need to stop them solely on her. When a horrifying attack on her friend brings the problem home leaving Gillian’s life in turmoil, she struggles to control the damage.

Working with Orielle, the anthropologist, who is an expert on supernatural creatures, they soon find support from an unexpected source—the Vatican.The path ahead is clear; the tasks to be done defined. Now all Gillian has to do is execute them and stay alive.

The exciting final book of the Funeral Singer series, “A Song of Redemption” brings Gillian to her full power and wraps up the story with drama and explosive action.

Lillian Wolfe

About Lillian Wolfe (Reno, Nevada Author)

Lillian Wolfe

A sometimes musician, sporadic artist, occasional poet, and obsessed writer, Lillian Wolfe has spent most of her life writing. From fan fiction to short stories, novels, training manuals, newsletters, and other documentation, she has constantly been putting words on paper or a computer screen. She is, in fact, extremely grateful for the invention of the computer because using a manual typewriter is tedious. While she loves all types of fiction, her favorites are fantasy and mystery novels.

Lillian shares her home in northern Nevada with her best friend for the past thirty-odd years, two feisty felines, and one charming Bichpoo dog. She is a member of the High Sierra Writers Group and the Fiction Writers Group.