A Love Forever – Creating An Amazing Marriage

A Love Forever
172 Pages
ISBN 9780692419380

In the words of a recent reviewer, "A Love Forever" is an outstanding book that shines a bright charming light on marriage. It elevates marriage to a rewarding position, with a crisp distinct style and keen skillful clarity, this work engages the reader ambitiously.

"A Love Forever" invites couples to shift their point of view, and rethink their choices, as they prepare to transform their marriage. This work guides couples straight ahead, showing them how to conquer the bumps in the road. "A Love Forever" is a captivating and unique book that guides and inspires as it moves couples to enjoy their lives, as they step into the future.

Lynne Thomas

About Lynne Thomas (Ann Arbor, Michigan Author)

Lynne Thomas

Lynne Thomas, M.A. is an expert in the field of marriage and relationships. For thirty years, she has helped couples improve their marriages as a psychotherapist and marriage counselor. She is a captivating speaker, a proficient seminar leader, and an insightful author.

Lynne has created a successful practical process of helping couples to create an amazing marriage, and experience lasting love. In a very dynamic, easy, concise, and positive way, her approach transforms and enriches marriages.