A Draft of Moonlight

A Draft of Moonlight
130 Pages
Apollodorous Press
ISBN 978-1515346562

Every schoolchild learns that Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldren were the first human beings to walk on the Moon on the 20th of July 1969. But what if they were not the first?

In the year 2037, Robert Smith knows a secret, a plot hidden in plain sight on the face of the Moon with roots going back to the Cold War. If he cannot stop what has been set in motion, the balance of powers on Earth will be thrown into chaos.

The fate of two worlds hanging by slender threads, Smith must pull in Patricia Denning, a mining engineer, and Jacob Goldfarb, a Lunar politician, to his plans.

Whether drawing breath in the vacuum of space, drawing out schemes to save the Earth and Moon, or drawing together in human connection, the answer lies in a draft of moonlight

Greg Camp

About Greg Camp (Harrison, Arkansas Author)

Greg Camp

Greg Camp was born in the hills of North Carolina about a hundred thirty years later than was good for him. He has wandered around the southern United States ever since, picking up bits of experience and polishing his curmudgeonly persona. He listens to the Muses whenever they sing to him. Following a star brought him and his cat to northwest Arkansas, where he is currently trying to repair his sextant.

He is the author of seven books, including the novels No Easy Road and The Willing Spirit and two books on guns and gun politics, Each One, Teach One (with Ranjit Singh) and A Writer's Guide to Guns