60 Days – Book 1 - Missing Girl Series

60 Days
246 Pages
ISBN 978-0-9910936-6-3

Lizzie has made bad decisions throughout most of her adult life. She drinks too much. Takes too many drugs and chooses the wrong men. Her obsession with finding her father eventually leads her down a dangerous path that has turned her into a person she doesn’t recognize. It’s turned her into a murderer.

After all, isn’t she the reason Sophia is dead?

Emily is the better sister, and always making the right choices. Or, so it seems. These days Emily’s life is unraveling at every end. She is struggling to pay for her mother’s healthcare. Her relationship with her married boss is threatening her promotion to detective, and she and Lizzie are further apart than ever. When Lizzie takes off on a whim to chase the ghost of their father, Emily’s carefully constructed life spins out of control.

The authorities say girls and women go missing every day, especially those with a history of addiction and a propensity for hanging out with the wrong crowd. Some are missed. Most are forgotten. Emily knows this is true, but she can’t accept it. She won’t accept it. Letting go of Lizzie is not an option. So when a pawnshop owner calls with unexpected information about Lizzie’s disappearance, she heads south to the Arizona-Mexico border to bring her sister back at whatever cost.

As Emily gets closer to the truth about Lizzie’s disappearance, she is forced to face her own truths about the ghost she’s running from and that she may not ever see her sister again.

60 Days is the highly-anticipated companion novel to the short novella, Missing Girl, and book one of the Missing Girl series. It is a psychological thriller that will take you on an exhilarating ride to the explosive, cliffhanger ending that will leave you stunned and asking, “What comes next?”

Piper Punches

About Piper Punches (St. Louis, Missouri Author)

Piper Punches

An author of fiction and truth, Piper writes on many topics. Her fiction explores human and social interest topics , while her "truth" writing highlights the creative process, mindful living, traveling, and the writing life. She is the author of The Waiting Room, Missing Girl (a short novella), and 60 Days (Book 1 - Missing Girl Series). Her books are available online at Amazon.com.

Piper hopes her books and other writings will inspire and motivate YOU to pursue a fulfilling, passionate life - whatever that means to you.

Strike up a conversation with her on social media (@piperpunches), or send her an email (piper@piperpunches.com).

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