6 Days in The City – One Mans Introspective Journey of Self-Discovery

6 Days in The City
160 Pages
ISBN 978-1460942376

When Jay's failing marriage to Susan is tested further by the travel required for his job, he begins to fear the inability to bridge the distance between them, and questions his self-worth.

Their marriage has been on the rocks for almost 2 years now. They seem so disinterested in anything the other one does, and her opinions of him have become more and more clear. Her silence and her negative attitude create further tension between them, while questions of infidelity threaten the remaining thread of their union.

As he travels to San Francisco, he discovers his true personal value and the desires of others that seem to present a challenge to his disenchanted inner-will.

This story tells of one man's journey and thoughts on his life and failing marriage while addressing insecurities, inhibitions, and personal struggles realized through introspection and self-discovery.

J Christian Connett

About J Christian Connett (Des Moines, Iowa Author)

J Christian Connett

J Christian Connett has been producing seminars, coaching, workshops, and various speaking engagements since 2004 in Interpersonal Relationships, Cognitive Behavior & Self-Awareness, and Digital Marketing.

Keynotes and speaking subjects surround self-awareness, emotional intelligence, marketing from a psychological perspective, digital marketing & web strategy, and currently developing an anti-bullying program.

Speaking Programs & Workshops: - Principles of Digital Marketing - Emotional Intelligence & Interpersonal Relationships - I. A.M.: The Four Elements of Life - Virtue & Vice – Cycle of Abuse

As a published Author, Christian’s books include focuses on Personal and Interpersonal Development, Introspective Awareness, and Digital Marketing.