30 Ways To Battle and Win! The Zucchini Apocalypse – This is My Zucchini Nation

30 Ways To Battle and Win! The Zucchini Apocalypse
70 Pages
Self Published
ISBN 978-1981299133

I WOULD LIKE TO INTERRUPT YOUR BOOKSTORE VISIT WITH AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE! Zucchini are taking over but I have found the cure! There is nothing to fear! This book contains 30 ways that you will successfully WIN the ZUCCHINI APOCALYPSE!

FIRST, you must CAPTURE or ALLOW them to make their way into your house. At first, you will feel some anxiety and maybe a little scared. But get your Sword (Sharp Knife) ready. Each one is different so you will need to follow the Battle Plan (Recipe) to get the exact result needed!

These recipes were originally going to just be on Facebook or in a Blog. When I began putting this all together I was watching a few Zombie television shows and perhaps even a historic show of the King Arthur days. This is how my thought for “This Is My Z(ucchini) Nation” was born. After all, Zucchini usually does produce more than the average person can consume and it is a “BATTLE” not to waste this precious vegetable. Without a plan and some controls in place Zucchini can take over your life. My Challenge was to create 30 recipes that would allow “Humans to Survive the Battle”.

Ruth Whorley

About Ruth Whorley (Asheville, North Carolina Author)

Ruth Whorley

I never dreamed I would write a book. Much less a cookbook. But it seems all my work experience has brought me to this place.

I received the inspiration for this book and rather than ignore it, I embraced it and the results are amazing!