2044 – The problem isn't Big Brother, it's Big Brother, Inc.

291 Pages
ISBN 978-1440134715

2044 starts where George Orwell’s 1984 left off. The problem isn’t Big Brother and the leviathan government. The problem is Big Brother, Inc., and the all-powerful marketplace.

An engineer learns how to take salt out of seawater. Cheap unlimited fresh water would benefit everyone – but it threatens businesses who like things as they are.

Eric Lotke

About Eric Lotke (Washington, DC Author)

Eric Lotke

Eric Lotke has cooked in five-star restaurants and flushed every toilet in the Washington DC jail. He has filed headline lawsuits and published headline research on crime, prisons, and sex offenses.

Making Manna explores the themes and issues of his non-fiction life, but it's much more fun.

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