200 Love Lessons from the Movies – Staying Moonstruck for Life

200 Love Lessons from the Movies
271 Pages
Taylor Trade Publishing
ISBN 978-1630761370

Romantic movies—no matter how fluffy or fanciful— contain some kernel of truth about real-life love. These films are fictionalized accounts of the collective romantic experiences of everyone involved in the filmmaking process, so even average movies can provide spectacular insights for every stage of romance from first dates to wedding planning.

In her new book, 200 Love Lessons from the Movies, author Leslie C. Halpern helps make our favorite movies even more enjoyable by showing us the nugget of relationship wisdom in them. Whether the movie features an unforgettable date (My Date with Drew), odd first meetings (Wimbledon), or a particularly stormy breakup (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind), Halpern steers the reader toward a valuable lesson to be learned.

Leslie C. Halpern

About Leslie C. Halpern (Orlando, Florida Author)

Leslie C. Halpern

Leslie C. Halpern is an award-winning poet, author, essayist, and entertainment journalist with more than 4,000 published articles and ten published books. Her most recent book release is a collection of humorous personal essays titled, "Scantily Clad Truths" (2018). Her other nonfiction books for adults include "200 Love Lessons from the Movies," "Reel Romance: The Lovers' Guide to the 100 Best Date Movies," and "Dreams on Film."

Her most recent children's book, "Silly Sleepytime Poems," was released in 2017. Her poetry for adults and children has been published in numerous books and anthologies, including "Confluence: The Journal of Graduate Liberal Studies," "Other Orlandos," "Encore: Prize Poems 2018," "A Poet's Haggadah," and "Love and Other Passions."

Leslie earned a Master’s Degree in Liberal Studies from Rollins College and a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism from the University of Kentucky. She’s a member of Orlando Area Poets, Poetry Ensemble of Orlando, Florida State Poets Association, Florida Writers Association, and Cassell Network of Writers. Visit her website: www.lesliehalpern.com.