100 Things to Do in Omaha Before You Die

100 Things to Do in Omaha Before You Die
160 Pages
ISBN 9781681060958

Omaha is often called the best-kept secret in the United States.

Once they’ve been there, visitors tend to fall in love with the city and its people. Omaha is famous for its great steaks and being the home of Warren Buffet, the billionaire “Oracle of Omaha.”

Referred to as the Gateway to the West, Omaha has so much to offer, from history, hiking, and an exciting local beer scene to great food. We take you on a tour of the city’s unique and interesting sites and include some fun facts and helpful tips. During our travels, we’ll share where to take on the challenge of eating a six-patty burger with all the toppings, where to find the home of blown glass art, and where to see some of the fastest planes in the world.

100 Things to Do in Omaha Before You Die travels around Omaha to reveal the beauty and diversity of a growing city. Whether you grew up in Omaha, call yourself an Omahan now, or are just passing through, this book will make you stop and say, “I didn’t realize that was in Omaha.”

Tim and Lisa Trudell

About Tim and Lisa Trudell (Omaha, Nebraska Author)

Tim and Lisa Trudell

Whether it’s across the world or in our own backyard in Omaha, Nebraska. We are lovers of all things food, travel, and adventure! We visit various cities in search of new experiences and undiscovered treasures. Lisa worked in the travel industry for over 16 years, initially working for a hotel company and later as a travel agent. She has co-created the community Midwest Travel Bloggers, which connects travel writers and tourism professionals to promote the Midwest. She has spoken at several conferences including Type-A Parent, TBEX (Travel Bloggers Exchange) and WITS (Women in Travel Summit).

Today, her full-time job is as an Online Marketing Specialist for the Home Health Care Company Right at Home. Tim Trudell is the writer, editor and photographer of the couple, covering fabulous places, people, and events. Today, he has an e-book available titled “The Walking Tourists Guide to Nebraska Attractions beyond Omaha and Lincoln” and is currently finishing the manuscript for a book named “100 Things to Do in Omaha Before You Die,” anticipated to be published in the Spring of 2018. They have traveled for business, sporting events, extended family trips and, of course, for fun. The reason for the Walking Tourists name is they enjoy taking their time walking to most local destinations to help discover new things along the way.

So, come and explore with us.